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The creative, productive and commercial staffs work together with the common purpose to create a total MADE IN ITALY product, born and entirely produced inside our company, before reaching our Customers all over the world.


The continuous search for new fabrics, yarns, colour combinations and our designers’ fantasy convert each idea into unique patterns.


The quality of our final products is verified by the competent hands of our expert women. 

The feminine touch embellishes the fabrics with the implementation of SWAROVSKIcrystals and 3D applications, which are hand cut and sewn to grant our usual fineness.

Finally, last but not least, feathers and stones complete the extraordinariness of our creations.


We receive our customers in a fine showroom, a welcoming place where they can touch the quality of our products with their own hands. Here it is possible to take a look at the collections, as well as study personalisations with the creative staff. Our customers have the chance to chose each fabric and yarn and to add sequins and stones through our assorted colour cards, in order to enrich their own ideas.


The company has the latest embroidery machines generation, which are able to provide traditional embroideries as well as sequins applications and laser cut.

Yarns meet and weave fabrics out of cotton, silk and other precious fibers, thus creating those products that make us well-known all over the world.


Before packing our fabrics, they are scented with an exclusive fragrance, which is released into the environment once opened. Under request it is possible to pack our fabrics in fine elegant boxes, in order to get  the best of the presentations.

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