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Embroidery and its versatility

The creative staff of Ricamificio Aldo Bianchi always pays attention to technological news, modern art, fashion trends which influence many sectors of contemporary life.

The embroidery is created to be present in all of its possible application fields:Minutia and attention to details, bearing true magic moments and fantasies, can be enriched with exclusive accessories such as hats, bags, shoes and foulards and everything that can make the individual emerge among the crowd.

Aldo Bianchi has always been appreciated by the most famous couturiers for their elegance, the refinement of fabrics, fine yarns, shiny oceans of Swarovski crystals and sequins.

Several dresses made with our fabrics walk along the most famous catwalks all over the world MADE IN ITALY.

The raw materials and manpower are a certain success for each collection.

Day wear. Night Wear. Sea.

The creations of the company follow our customers in any circustances, whenever they don't want to relinquish elegance and style, with a fresh and up-to-date lines.

Aldo Bianchi takes care of one the greatest moment every woman dreams of, the beginning of a new life with her partner in the noblest of the emotions… LOVE.

The embroideries we dedicate to our brides are sweet and romantic, with generous floreal applications and french laces.

Handcutting and stones lead to spectacular plays of light for a unique and elegant touch.

We don’t forget to satisfy the most demanding brides who wish to wear refined and alternative patterns, thus personalising their dress.

Aldo Bianchi satisfies the peculiarity and the elegance of a man who wants to seduce not just with his gaze, but also with the details of his suit.

Using our exclusive embroideries we specifically designed for him, the Luxury Man can’t go unnoticed by the feminine pleasure.

Joy, light-heartedness and fun are the principles that should accompany children's life, from the very first steps. Aldo Bianchi envelops this idea on his fabrics, creating flowers in guipure to dream on, small fluttering butterflies, soft cotton fabrics sangalloto embrace newborns making them feel safe.

A fresh, simple yet elegant collection, completely natural and organic. Colourful embroideries adorn grounds of pure cotton, in order to get a more and more "nature" line, still with the usual attention to details and the style that distinguish the brand Aldo Bianchi.

Aldo Bianchi Ricamificio shares with its Islamic customers a sober yet elegant taste, suitable to satisfy the demands of their culture.

Velvet, teffetas, cotton muslin and crépe de chine are wisely embroidered with floral or abstract patterns, in order to dress women who wish to combine beauty and style with respect for their tradition and religion.

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